Natalie Hanssen

Natalie Hanssen (1970) is Dutch textwriter and cartoonist.

Quite a broad repertoire, though limited to the Dutch and English language. Exceptional in articles and reportages from a personal perspective. Copywriter. Fine columnist & ghostwriter. Wrote about travels. Curious. Loves writing about science & psychology, but – come to think of it – takes the same approach when it comes to interviewing a craftswoman about her work.

Cartoonist. For magazines, advertisement and powerpoint presentations that want attention. Working on cartoon-drawing-movies [see homepage] & stopmotion animation.

My fields of work:

Cartoons / Article and copywriting / Idea generating / Columns / Travel writing / Books
[Able to write in English (proofread by English native speaker). Cartoons can be deliverd in Danish.]

See examples of cartoons

See examples of animations


Worked for clients such as:

Personals magazines (e.g. in vegetables, healthcare, older people care, waste processing)
Technical University Delft (Alumni Magazine)
Various Dutch ladies magazines (psychology/ human interest)
Psychology Magazine (various articles, e.g. reportages on psychological workshops)
NRC Handelsblad (backpage, weekend edition)
Onze Wereld (monthly columnist)
FNV Bouw (building union, youth magazine)
Various advertising agencies

After getting my degree in (theoretical) psychology I started as a copywriter in advertising. I became a freelancer within a year (1996) to be able to broaden my working field. Ever since I have been doing a broad range of sometimes unexpected things – next to writing articles and drawing cartoons. They vary from writing commercials for Amsterdam television and thinking along with new educational concepts, occasional giving workshops and making a book about Hollands foremost psychotherapists.

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