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Project Description

Lucy Seton-Watson

Freelance editor & project manager

Freelance editor & project manager

I put Danish-language marketing material into real English with the right signals for the target audience. For clients who need an external editor, I also manage publications projects. My background is in journal publishing and marketing in London.

In London I was editor-in-chief of the foreign policy journal of the Royal Institute of International Affairs. After living outside the UK, first in the Middle East and now in Scandinavia, I’ve grown expert at looking into a culture from the outside, then stepping inside it and looking back at my own. I live in Aarhus with my husband Mark and our three daughters, and my latest intoxication is good Young Adult fiction and getting kids to read it.


  • Content editing for a target audience

  • Copy editing of web texts, brochures, books and articles

  • Project management for special publications

  • Proofreading

  • Translation from Danish to English


  • International Community / Erhverv Aarhus

  • Aarhus University International Centre

  • Aarhus University Language Services, Faculty of Arts

  • Sidsel Dorph-Jensen Business and Design Mentoring

  • The Expatriate Psychologist, Copenhagen

  • and others

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