Freelance journalist and writer Inger Stokkink

The professional outsider. That is the kind of journalist I am. I love to talk to people, hear their stories and tell the world about what they do, what they think, and what their lives look like.

I am a Dutch journalist, living and working in Denmark. I write in Dutch, English and Danish. Writing features and columns is what I am best at. I also do production for news programmes.


In Holland I worked both for regional broadcast (Omroep Gelderland) and print (De Gelderlander). I also worked as a stringer for Danish television news of TV2.

In Danmark I write for the expat magazine Insight in English. I also wrote a chapter in the book Expat Partners: Our Stories .

Finally, I write in (predominantly) Dutch on my own blog about integrating in Denmark: (

I hold a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s degree in political science. Before starting out as a journalist, I worked for two publishers and in health care. Over the years I have lived in Holland, Italy and Germany, which explains why I speak Italian and German (as well as Dutch, English, Danish and school French).

About me

I moved to Denmark in the summer of 2010, and now I am living with my husband in the beautiful Djursland countryside. In the summertime you can find me sailing on Aarhus Bugt aboard my H-boat Sahra. In fact, I have become very passionate about sailing, and I found out that it is an excellent way of discovering Danish society!


mobile phone: (+45)52 77 29 93
phone: (+45) 86 18 15 22
Twitter: @stokkink